Welcome to Crazy Nest!!

Nice to meet you!  I’m Jen, and this is the blog I’ve wanted to write for a long time but for some reason or another, excused myself out of it.  I hope you will enjoy this collection of stories about my little family, crafts, recipes, and a bit of everything else.  There are four of us here:  me, my wonderful husband, and two sweet children: Marshall, age 5 and Lily, age 3.  (Children’s names have been changed to protect their precious selves.)

Why Crazy Nest?  Well, first, I love birds.  There is something birdy in every room of my home.  And I love the idea of home as a nest, where everyone is cared for in a safe and cozy spot.  As I raise my family, I am learning to let go of my own expectations along the way, to relax, and to let my children be the wonderful people they are in a safe, and happy place.  Crazy…well..that’s the life with kids!  If you’ve kept up with family blogs for any amount of time you’re familiar with the feeling that everyone else has it SO much more together than you, wishing you could be as creative a crafter as this one or as fabulous a mother as that one.  But if you’re a real person, you know that the reality is that there are dishes piled up in the kitchen, 37 matchless socks in your laundry piles (yes, that’s plural!), kids running around screaming just as you’ve made yourself a cup of tea…it goes on.  Life is crazy.  But finding peace and joy in the middle of it is sometimes as simple as taking a deep breath, finding whatever gift the moment is just waiting for you to notice, and refusing to be overwhelmed by chaos.  The awesome thing about blogging is this: for that time, in your own little space, you are free to focus on the beauty around you…to document the sweet little moments…to share the things that you are proud of with the world…so that somehow, the craziness seems a little more manageable.  Soon enough, you realize that you will miss it one day.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my little blog.  Please know that most of my posts will include photos, but I don’t really have the time or equipment to be as professional a photographer as many others out there.  I keep my iPhone with me and use that handy little camera to snap everything in my day.

Please comment if you read!  I’m still figuring out how to use various blogging functions, so feel free to leave tips!  Happy Nesting!

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